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Fri 20th October

Belfast native Ben Cutler has shed his old sound and reinvented himself with a healthy dose of bluesy rock.

Break The Ice’, the first single taken from the EP, will be released on 22nd September. The latest single sets down a marker for Ben’s future aspirations and his new sound. The vocals are as strong & distinctive as ever but the track is notable for the guitar playing. Ben cuts loose and drives the song forward with a rip roaring riff that will stick in the memory. It touches on the feeling of uncertainty that comes with taking a risk to pursue your dream.

New EP

The new EP which shares the same title as the 1st single was brought to life in Analogue Catalogue by Darragh Tibbs. It leans heavily into classic rock ‘n’ roll territory but stands out from its peers with a bluesy edge cutting across the record. Each track on the ‘Break the Ice’ EP, conveys a different message. Ranging from the challenges and struggles of finding yourself, to the pain & anger of rejection before concluding on a more hopeful & resilient note.

Special guests on the night include exciting up and coming Indie/Alt-rock band “The Thing Is” and local singer-songwriter “Kyle John Suckling”.