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Fri 08th March

Futile Company:

A five piece band the outskirts of Derry. Futile Company started playing music together as friends having a bit of craic, now three years down the line Futile Company have gigs booked across all of NI. With a diverse set list of songs pulling inspiration from each band members life experience and musical background giving one hell of a listening experience. From rock to rap to funk to soulful bangers there is something for everyone! With a loyal following since day one we are on this journey together with the fans. There are no rules with Futile Company.

The Collisions:

Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Belfast, The Collisions have made their mark in renowned venues such as Pavilion, McHughs, and Bennigans, where they’ve captivated crowds with their unmistakable sound.  From pulsating rhythms to catchy riffs, The Collisions innovative use of a two-piece band arrangement demonstrate that size isn’t everything when it comes to making a big impact.”

The Marra:

A five piece Irish rock band from Derry, Norther Ireland. Blending their influences of early 90’s Brit-pop, Strokes-esque Indie and early Beatles, The Marra draw from their experience of growing up working class in the city of Derry to create anthems of hope and yearning. With driven guitars and mighty sing-a-long chorus’ fit for festial headline spots, the lads start as they mean to go on with deut single ‘That’s Just The Way’.